Social Media Posting & Management

Listen. Speak. Engage. Repeat.

Managing social media is hard. It’s time to get help from the pros.

You’ve probably seen our work. To date, we’ve created content that has generated millions of impressions and engagements. Dooley & Associates is trusted by iconic brands to develop and manage social content because we know our clients and the communities they serve inside and out. We never provide canned social media content — it is strategic, custom content designed to deliver results.

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Creating Social Content

Effective social media marketing engages and converts customers. First, we begin by understanding your audiences and the outcomes you’re seeking from them. Who are they? What are their interests? What are they looking for? From here we develop social content targeted to the right audiences with the right messages.

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Logo & Brand Guideline Iterations

It may seem easy, but managing two, three or more social media channels requires excellent organizational skills and a close relationship between us. From the original messaging, to graphics and timing, we pride ourselves on a vendor-client relationship that more closely mimics an employee-employer relationship. Our team becomes an extension of your team.

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Social Advertising

Social Media Advertising is one of the best options for reaching a targeted audience inexpensively. Our team has been creating and managing advertising campaigns on social media platforms since it has been possible. Plus, we’re continually staying up to date on emerging platforms that can deliver new types of content to new audiences, as well as have relationships with representatives at Facebook, Google, etc. We talk to real people in Silicon Valley on the regular.

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Managing & Monitoring

Social media marketing is social, which means it is a two-way conversation. To achieve the greatest results on social media, it requires listening to users and communicating with them – continually. The conversation is never really over. Our team has the tools and knowledge to properly monitor your social profiles and provide excellent customer interactions.

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Tired of Useless Data?

We monitor and provide actionable analytics, instead of just sending meaningless data reports. We take pride in delivering transparent results that our customers can actually understand and use to improve their marketing outcomes.