LGMD Awareness Foundation

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In 2020, the LGMD Awareness Foundation, a non-profit advocacy organization, embarked on a vital mission to amplify global awareness of limb-girdle muscular dystrophy (LGMD), a rare neuromuscular condition.

To achieve this, they partnered with Dooley & Associates for a strategic collaboration aimed at creating a robust brand identity and an extensive web presence for the foundation. Working in synergy with other LGMD foundations, their concerted efforts are focused on delivering well-curated educational materials and resources. These resources are designed to support individuals affected by LGMD and to inform and educate the general public, thereby fostering a deeper understanding of and support for the LGMD community.

In 2024, Dooley & Associates will be working with the LGMD Awareness Foundation on a 10-year anniversary campaign that will include a toolkit for global promotions and use.

Services Provided:

  • Websites & SEO

  • Marketing Consulting & Strategy

  • Graphic Design

“Working with Dooley & Associates has been the best decision for our non-profit organization. They have helped us design and maintain an amazing website that is polished, responsive and so much easier to navigate to access a wealth of information and resources. John, Jen, and Dora always listen to our needs and make the process so smooth and effortless. The end results never disappoint! As the new year approaches, we are anxious to work with their experienced and talented staff on our upcoming 10th anniversary campaign. Their work always helps us to shine and globally stand out!

— Carol Abraham, President / Founder of LGMD Awareness Foundation, Inc.