Brand Fusion: Crafting the Future of Oak Leaf Powered by North Shore Trust and Savings with Dooley & Associates

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Since 2015, Dooley & Associates has been serving North Shore Trust and Savings, a financial institution that stands as a beacon of trust and reliability with a history spanning over 100 years. The partnership with Oak Leaf Community Mortgage marked a pivotal moment, as integrating them into this legacy involved more than just blending names—it was about merging philosophies, values, and visions for the future.

Services Provided:

  • Marketing Consulting & Strategy

  • Graphic Design

  • Logo & Brand Development

  • Social Media Posting & Management

  • Website Design & Development

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The task at hand was multifaceted. Compliance requirements, with their meticulous attention to detail, were paramount due to the financial industry’s regulations that ensure consumer protection and data security. Our approach had to be both thorough and innovative.

Functionality was another critical aspect. In today’s digital age, consumers expect seamless online experiences, from intuitive navigation to secure online transactions. Our goal was to ensure that the new digital platform would not only meet but exceed these expectations.

Equally important was the aesthetic integration. The blended brands needed to resonate with the timeless appeal of North Shore Trust while incorporating the fresh, dynamic energy of Oak Leaf Community Mortgage. Achieving this balance was crucial in maintaining brand loyalty among existing customers and attracting new ones.

Our journey began with in-depth consultations with both North Shore Trust and Oak Leaf Community Mortgage teams. Understanding their vision, values, and the intricacies of their services was paramount. Collaboration was at the heart of our strategy, ensuring that every stakeholder had a voice in this pivotal metamorphosis.

Creativity was significant in addressing the aesthetic challenge. Our design team worked tirelessly to create a brand that was not only visually appealing but also functional. The result was a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, appealing to a broad spectrum of customers.

It has been an honor to serve this team since 2015, and we can’t wait to see what the next decade holds!

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“Dooley & Associates is our “go to” for all things creative and innovative! From the smallest to the largest details. They are a creative collaborating machine. Recently, North Shore Trust and Savings expanded our lending department and announced a partnership with Oak Leaf Community Mortgage. Dooley helped us undergo a complete rebrand and overhaul every detail of this new partnership. The outcome was nothing short of fantastic! In a short amount of time, their team rolled out press releases, new logos, and graphics, and a new website, and even assisted us with our open houses!

There’s nothing they can’t do. Dooley is more than a marketing agency, they listen and engage with you; the result is an aligned partnership that delivers the most amazing content! Their commitment to us, our timelines, and our voice has established them as our marketing agency of choice. There’s no one better than Dooley & Associates. Thank you for helping us step up and refresh our branding!”

Nathan E. Walker, President & CEO, North Shore Trust and Savings

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