Pillar Health / Kenosha Community Health Center Launches New Website

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Together with Pillar Health / Kenosha Community Health Center, Dooley & Associates designed and developed their new website into a user-centric, content-rich platform.

A pivotal feature added was the language translator, enabling Spanish-speaking visitors to seamlessly access all content. Additionally, by detailing the full scope of services offered, we not only enriched user experience but also enhanced local SEO. Plus, we focused on intuitive Call-to-Action (CTA) elements, streamlining navigation and usability.

Positive patient and provider feedback has spotlighted the improved ease of navigation and content relevance. This accomplishment was particularly notable given the initial challenge of organizing an extensive amount of healthcare content. Throughout the six-month project, our synergy with Pillar/KCHC was instrumental in shaping this successful outcome.

The end result is a harmonized blend of design, functionality, and optimized search visibility, serving as a valuable resource for the community.

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“Search engine optimization at KCHC/Pillar Health has taken a major step forward with the launch of our new website. We recognized from the outset that this would be a significant project, not for the faint of heart. So, how did we approach it? We dove in headfirst! This immense undertaking began in January 2023, and we successfully delivered by early July. While our experts at Dooley were constructing a prototype web platform, I worked simultaneously to curate, review, and update every piece of content. This involved collaboration with internal experts to transition content from the old platform to the new one. To facilitate this, we had frequent meetings and special collaboration tools were devised to manage the review process and ensure alignment among the team. The Pillar/KCHC team is thrilled with the improvements, especially the new feature allowing us to manage Spanish content directly on the new platform.”

— Gregory (Greg) Pawell, BSN, Project Manager

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