There are many ways to generate leads for your business, from email campaigns, printed materials, social media, paid-for-clicks, and so much more.

Advertising online can be a daunting task to the average consumer. CPC, conversions, optimization, impressions, reach, and so much more. It’s enough to make some businesses throw their hands up and call for help! (We suggest calling this number: 262.925.4769.)

It’s important to note that advertising on social media (such as Facebook and Instagram) is an entirely different beast, when compared to Google search ads, for example. One key distinction is the user’s intent – generally speaking, consumers browse their Facebook friends’ content, rather than actively researching or purchasing items. This distinction translates to the need for a Facebook advertisement to be extremely relevant, non-intrusive and visually appealing.

Traditionally, online advertisements (such as Google ads) lead the end user to a company’s website and to a landing page about a sale or specific product. From the business perspective, this is the golden ticket. Highly targeted audience + increased website traffic + optimized landing page = purchasing customers!

However, social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram has to be approached differently. Remember the aforementioned words: relevant, non-intrusive and visually appealing.

Let’s imagine you are scrolling your Facebook feed, come across an interesting ad about an upcoming event you are interested in. You click on the ad, and to your aggravation you are lead away from what you were doing on Facebook. You are forced to wait for a new web page to load on your cell phone and then you need to scroll down to find what you are looking for. Now, throw in the fact that 90% of Facebook daily users access the site via their cell phone and that whole process just took even longer!

The answer to this conundrum is a Facebook lead ad.

Facebook lead ads are an orangtastic way to deliver your offer, product or service to your social media audience, in a way that is visually appealing, highly targeted AND does NOT cause the end user to leave Facebook! Ding, ding!!

Advantage of lead ads are:

  • They’re highly visual, with option to include graphics, photos and video.
  • Lead ads appear natively in your targeted audience’s feed in Facebook, so they are less intrusive.
  • Facebook targeting can help you pinpoint your perfect customer, from family size, to household spend, to a variety of interests.
  • You can use your lead ad to reach out to people who have previously engaged with your ad and/or website.
  • Facebook lead ads are a GREAT way to collect leads, from any device, whether its a pre-order, subscription, inquiry or more.
  • Facebook’s integrations make it simple to access a lead AS SOON AS someone submits the form.
  • Lead ads have six different call to actions options:
    • Apply Now
    • Download
    • Get Quote
    • Learn More
    • Sign Up
    • Subscribe

Online advertising is a trend that is only going to continue to grow. About 70% of the US population uses social media daily for over 2-hours per day, and online advertising budgets are predicted to almost double by 2023.

In our fast-paced modern world it is now more important than ever to make sure you are reaching the right customers at the right time.  Lead ads are just one more tool in your advertising arsenal.

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