A message from our founder, Jennifer Dooley-Hogan

Dooley & Associates was founded at the start of a recession, so I can say with certainty we know a thing about surviving and thriving during a difficult economy. We know how our most successful clients thrived in 2008, and that if you follow their same strategies during these times you can also position your business for success.

#1 Don’t stop communicating with customers.

No need to be desperate or obnoxious. Be genuine, honest and appreciative in your communication (not that you shouldn’t always be those things), but in times like these customers want to know where they’re choosing to spend their dollars will make a difference in their community.

#2 Don’t put the brakes on advertising.

You may choose to cut back, but to cease everything will be detrimental. I can guarantee that.

#3 Get creative and let customers know what added value you bring to the sale.

Do you provide a coupon for their next visit, offer a warranty or will you make a donation of a mask to healthcare workers if they choose you? If someone is comparing apples to apples any added value might be a deal maker (or breaker).

#4 Don’t forget to share everything you offer to customers and listen hard to what they’re telling you, you may just uncover an opportunity. 

I was just on a client call going over a project and the client mentioned he was getting quotes for a service we offered. I didn’t realize he didn’t know we offered the service and if I wasn’t listening closely that could’ve been a missed opportunity.

#5 Never forget givers gain.

If you see an offer or opportunity that would benefit a customer or associate, share it with them. That goodwill goes a long way.

#6 Attitude is everything.

If you’re not positive you won’t attract positive customers.

#7 Show that you’re in it for the long haul.

During these challenging times look for ways to go above and beyond. This is not a time to nickel and dime people (I mean there’s really never a good time to do that) and a positive review goes a lot further than an extra few bucks.

#8 Appreciate, acknowledge and reassure your team constantly.

Now more than ever your team will not forget how you lead them and made them feel confident and secure. Never forget customers are also recipients of their energy and attitude.

#9 Do all of the things your competition is not doing.

Did they stop posting on social media or stop posting blogs, then this is the time for to you gain traction where they’re not.

Every interaction right now is not easy. Everyone is living on the edge and fighting their own battle. We can control how we react and lead during this time.

If you’re underwhelmed by your COVID communication strategy or overwhelmed trying to create one please drop us a line. We’re here to help you during this crisis and we’ll continue to be your crew through the next one.

We don’t provide one size fits all strategies or put you in some residual package that’s passed off after the sale. We tailor a plan and budget that’s right for your organization that’s flexible to meet your needs and our team becomes your team.

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