The Big Game is a Big Deal to Marketers

We always tune in for the commercials (and halftime show) no matter who takes the field. The game day advertisements are our opportunity to watch the Championship of Marketing for creative professionals. There’s nothing quite like seeing $7m spent on a 30-second advertising spot and imagining the energy that went into the production.

Every year, marketers are tasked with pushing new boundaries and creating content that captivates audiences. The biggest companies invest in these spots, using them as an opportunity to create a lasting impression on potential customers. With brands constantly vying for our attention, it’s no surprise that the stakes are high.

The creativity and innovation we see in Super Bowl commercials set the bar for all other advertising strategies. These ads are remembered long after the last whistle is blown, often becoming part of pop culture. So while it’s true that we want to watch one of the biggest games in sports, we also want to know what brands and companies are bringing their A game to the commercial field.

The Dooley Bunch has compiled a list of their favorite commercials. Check out our list, and let us know if we picked any of your favorite ads!

Jen’s Favorite: McDonald’s

“Well played, McD’s, way to play into Valentine’s Day while highlighting diversity and inclusion.”


John’s Favorite: Pop Corners

“Does the commercial make me want to try their product? That was the standard I weighed the ads against this year. I guess for my sake it wasn’t a very hard year, based on this standard, as a lot of commercials fell flat. But bringing back one of the greatest duos in TV history to tell me they cooked-up a new treat in their RV, well I’m already contacting my dealer (ie. Jen).”

Derek’s Favorite: Pepsi Zero Sugar

“In the world of social media we live in, you don’t always know when a celebrity that promotes something ACTUALLY likes whatever that product is. This was a fun play on that and how we all get sucked into what influencers and celebrities throw at us. And also, because Steve Martin.”


Dora’s Favorite: The Farmer’s Dog

“As the parent of a 12-year-old dog, I know first hand that ‘nothing matters more than more years together.’ I’ve been a huge fan of The Farmer’s Dog ever since switching Cooper to it a few months ago, and this commercial hit me right in the heart! It so brilliantly captures the special bond we have with our fur babies. Long live dogs!”

Mike’s Favorite: Bic Lighters

“Last years unexpected combination of Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart was great, but adding Willie Nelson made the great even better. As someone who enjoys herbal candles and has had lighters “borrowed”, the tongue and cheek humor is what makes this my favorite.”


Kendra’s Favorite: Bud Light

“The light-hearted approach made me smile, even as I rolled my eyes in sympathy at obnoxious hold times. Plus the dog is adorable!”

Melissa’s Favorite: The Roast of Mr. Peanut

“A hilarious way to showcase their product. I love an interactive commercial that makes you want to keep watching the commercial even after it is done.”


Jon’s Favorite: Workday

“This commercial had some of my favorite music artists in it so it was an easy favorite for me.”