Which Super Bowl Ads were our top picks?

Regardless of the teams playing, we’re always there for the ads (and the halftime entertainment). It’s like the Super Bowl of advertising for those in the creative field. Witnessing a $7 million investment for just 30 seconds of screen time truly highlights the immense effort behind each commercial.

Annually, marketers are challenged to break new ground and craft ads that truly engage viewers. Major corporations see these prime slots as a chance to make a memorable impact on their target audience. Given the fierce competition for viewer attention, it’s evident why these moments are so pivotal.

The originality and forward-thinking displayed in Super Bowl commercials become the benchmark for advertising tactics everywhere. These commercials linger in memory well past the game’s end, often integrating into cultural narratives. So, yes, while the big game is a draw, we’re always equally eager to see which brands and businesses are stepping up their game in the ad arena.

The Dooley Bunch has put together a selection of our top ad picks. So, grab your cheese curds and settle in, because we’re about to spill the beans on our team’s favorite Super Bowl ads that left us cheering louder than a Packers touchdown!

Jen’s Favorite: Dove


“My favorite Super Bowl LVIII commercial was Dove’s spot, which deeply resonated with my experiences in youth athletics and the importance of self-esteem. Despite my usual persistence outside of sports, the ad’s message—to empower coaches and girls to boost self-esteem and continue in sports—truly struck a chord with me. The commercial powerfully conveyed the immeasurable value of perseverance in youth sports and reinforced Dove’s commitment to self-esteem campaigns.”

John’s Favorite: Poppi


“You aren’t spending $6.5 million dollars on a commercial spot NOT to sell more of your product. Yet, many of the commercials, while entertaining, don’t leave me with much motivation to actually purchase their product. This year, the new Poppi soda company really left me intrigued and eager to head over to Kwik Trip and grab a 6 pack.”

Dora’s Favorite: Uber Eats


“This one made me laugh, as someone who seems to be forgetting more and more things these days! I also appreciated the clever timing of including Usher at the end, who already “forgot” that he had performed a halftime show.”

Derek’s Favorite: CeraVe


“While not thrilled with many of the commercials, this one I enjoyed mainly because of Michael Cera’s dry sense of humor and his “pitch” at the end of the promo he is trying sell in the board room.”

Melissa’s Favorite: State Farm


“There weren’t too many funny commercials this year, but this one stood out to me. It made me actually stop and watch the ENTIRE commercial, which I think is the most important aspect of good marketing.”

Mike’s Favorite: Bic Lighters


“As someone who enjoys candles and grilled vegetables and has had lighters “borrowed”, the tongue-in-cheek humor is what makes this my favorite.”

James’ Favorite: Paramount+


“I thought this one was clever. I didn’t know half the characters in it but it still made me laugh out loud.”

At Dooley & Associates, we understand that marketing transcends strategies and analytics – it’s fundamentally about forging connections with people. Here’s to another year of marketing magic! Which Super Bowl ads captured your imagination this year?